Post date: Thursday, November 26, 2015

Greentek LED Lighting proudly provided 80 Chase Track Spotlights for The Dreaming, an exhibition about Australian aboriginal soul and culture and also about how their traditional motifs sometimes overlap Romanian ones.

Between October 15th and November 6th 2015, over 230 paintings stood out thanks to the Greentek Chase luminaires in the gallery on the 34th floor of the Sky Tower Bucharest. The Dreaming was all the more interesting as the set-up was made by architect Anda Manu and it also included themed evenings, performances and workshops with genuine aboriginal artists, from the continent bounded by oceans.

Post date: Wednesday, July 15, 2015

Greentek provides LED lighting systems for both new parkings and retrofitting projects, in the case of existing shopping centers and office buildings. Greentek LED lighting systems generate annual savings of up to 30,000.

Among its projects, Greentek recently equipped three parkings with LED lighting systems: at Baneasa Shopping City in Bucharest, at Coresi mall in Brașov and at Europe House, downtown Bucharest.

The underground parking of Băneasa Shopping City has about 20,000 square meters and 680 parking lots. For the outdoor parking of Coresi, a new project in Brașov, which includes 2,400 parking lots, Greentek designed and implemented a lighting system that includes 450 LED fixtures. The underground parking of Europe House consists of 100 parking lots for whom Greentek provided 160 LED fixtures of the newest generation of LEDs.

Post date: Tuesday, July 14, 2015

Greentek continues its collaboration with the Bucharest branch of the Romanian Order of Architects, being a part of the organization of the award festivities of the 13th edition of the Bucharest Architecture Annual. The theme for this year’s edition is "Building Community". The festivities took place on July 2nd, at Casa Universitarilor.

As a supporter of high-quality architecture, Victor Cotrutz, CEO and founder Greentek, handed a special prize to architects Carmen Tănase and Andreea Bogdan, in the Conversion and Rehabilitation section, for a conversion from individual dwelling in offices for an IT company.

The Bucharest Architecture Annual, 2015 edition, takes place between May 28th and December 3rd, 2015, in public and private spaces from different neighborhoods of Bucharest.

Post date: Tuesday, May 5, 2015

2015 was declared by UNESCO the International Year of Light, perfect synchronization with the 2015 edition of Euroluce, part of the annual exhibition ISaloni Milano, the most important design fair worldwide. LED technology was in the spotlight, all design editors and producers presenting solutions and lamps based on LED technology. The 2015 edition also included Salone Ufficio, dedicated to the design of office spaces, where the light was used as a way of partitioning the space, as opposed to partition walls, the classic solution.

 “Intelligent lights, reducing energy consumption, simplifying forms and reducing them to minimal contours, as well as highlighting LED usage for designing and partitioning office spaces were the focus of the 2015 edition of ISaloni Milano, advocating once more the usability and the beauty of LED applications”, explained Victor Cotrutz, CEO Greentek LED Lighting.

Michele de Lucchi is the author of THE WALK, the central exhibition, dedicated to office spaces. The Walk was designed as a journey into the office space of the future, an office space that is not high-tech through its design, but through its functions. On the one hand, the design leans towards the atmosphere of a home, with warm and welcoming spaces. On the other hand, the incorporated technology is more and more advanced, relying on wireless, also a LED application.